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Summit NATO, among the Trump's allegations to the allied countries

Face to face between the American president and Merkel

The NATO summit in Brussels that begins today will be important "to modernize and strengthen the collective defense mechanisms and the rapid deployment capacity of our troops", said Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg. The fight against terrorism will mainly concern the training missions that are carried out in Afghanistan and the new one that will start for the Iraqi forces, while for the modernization of the structures two command centers will be established: one in Norfolk in Virigina; the other at Ulm in Germany, which will be responsible for military mobility in Europe.

A meeting that will also serve to give full operation to the strategic direction for the South of NATO, which is based in Giugliano (Naples, South Italy). "This hub is important because it creates a platform to follow, evaluate, analyze and tackle the challenges that come to us from the South", Stoltenberg said on a question, that of the threat from the south, that Nato took time to insert between the priority.

At the same time, the Brussels summit will be a source of political clashes over the economic costs of the various Member States, with US President Donald Trump attacking Germany in the morning saying "It's completely controlled by Russia. It's a prisoner of Russia, because it pays billions of dollars for its energy supplies and we have to pay to protect it, how do you explain it at the US citizens?". After a bilateral meeting between Trump and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the tone was lowered and the president himself declared: "My relations with Merkel are very good". The chancellor also spoke to the press about his meeting, saying: "I am very pleased to have this opportunity: we have had the opportunity to have an exchange on economic developments and on other subjects such as migration and the future of our business relationships I think it is very important to have these exchanges, because we are partners, excellent partners and we want to continue to cooperate in the future".

The American presidency, despite the Senate has voted against Trump's policies, would like a greater effort in military spending by other NATO countries, especially Germany, which having a healthy economy could and should -according to the US- do more in the European defense, especially in an anti-Russian key. Russia will also be on the summit table together with Turkey -physically present as a member country- especially after the news announced by the Foreign Minister of the Ankara government concerning the supply of the S-400 air defense missile system, which will be delivered to the end of 2019.

A summit is set on fire but from which important decisions will come out, as Stoltenberg has promised and assured.

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