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NATO Summit, recognized the threat from the Mediterranean

Eyes on Russia, but in the meantime the Naples hub will soon become operative

Despite the divergences that had emerged in the hours before the NATO summit in Brussels, a general agreement was reached. Italy could be satisfied with the results obtained because the threat from the South has been officially recognized, forcing the commitment of the Atlantic Alliance to undertake political and cooperative initiatives towards the countries of North Africa. In the final documents of yesterday's summit it's possible to read in fact that NATO will continue to work for the stability of the countries of the south bank of the Mediterranean, as well as of the Eastern Med, declaring "the full operability of the regional hub of Naples" that will be necessary to help understand and study regional challenges and threats, as well as opportunities for NATO in this part of the world that had been somewhat shelved over the years.

However, it remains secondary as a perceived threat compared to Russia, against which the condemnation for the annexation of the Crimea has been reiterated confirming the expressed policies by NATO since the begin of the crisis in Ukraine. Despite this, the hope is always to resume a dialogue with Moscow to minimize the risk of military incidents that could be dangerous for global security. The "big" missing from the document is China, which despite the crisis with the United States due to the imposition of trade duties is evidently not perceived as a threat to NATO's security as a military alliance.

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