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Fincantieri: French attacks on Group ethics, but collaboration will continue

Despite this, the FREMM are the main candidates for the announcement of the Pentagon

It's near the moment when the Pentagon will decide what's the next frigates of the US Navy and among the number one candidates there are the "Italian" FREMM (European multi-mission frigates), already in line in the Italian Navy built by Fincantieri and the French Amaris -joint-venture between Naval Group and Thales. Those who will participate in the US bidding, however, will be Italian in all respects, and if they prove to be the winners would be set and launched in the American shipyard of Marinette -controlled by Fincantieri- with the collaboration of Lockheed Martin regarding the weapon systems of ships. A contract that would be worth about 18 billion of dollars, a value much higher than the other not obtained in Australia where the British frigates of Bae Systems were preferred on the favorite FREMM.

The fear of US naval industries -which compete with ships not in service to the race- is to be supplanted by the FREMM, especially because the parameters set by the US Navy reflect roughly the characteristics and capabilities of the Italian-French frigates. In France, however, in recent days a dossier was presented that accuses Fincantieri of pursuing an unethical commercial activity, which was immediately considered of little value and of little importance by the Italian company. In the United States, however, this relationship could be used by opponents of the FREMM as a strength to fight in Congress against this possible acquisition.

But despite the French report -which nationalized the Stx shipyard to stop the acquisition of the same by Fincantieri- between the two countries the collaboration in the naval field continues and will continue in the future, also because the two governments are about to evaluate the document that will reiterate the industrial alliance between Fincantieri and Naval Group in view of future projects for the two marinas. If the US game will eventually be won by the FREMM for Italy, but also for France, it will be a source of pride and a reason to continue to collaborate in the naval shipbuilding industry.

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