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AVIONEWS interviews Paolo Nespoli

The astronaut talks about his physical recovery and the future of space explorations -VIDEO

After a long physical recovery from the last "Vita" space mission, the Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli was interviewed by AVIONEWS to talk about his feelings after the return for the last time from space on Earth. "It's been 6 months and the physical recovery has been completed, but the first three weeks where we work for 6-7 hours a day are the heaviest and most important".

Not only the training to return "standing", because Nespoli also told about the differences in training for the US Space Shuttle and for the Russian Sojuz: "The base is similar and the differences are both in studying means and in the approach the instrumentation and the systems on board: the Americans in fact try to predict everything, while the Russians have a great ability to adapt to all situations". The conclusion of the interview is above the hope of the astronaut, that said: "from the space we see the united world without frontiers, and I hope that all the countries work together to continue to explore our solar system and not only".

Below, the video of the interview:

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