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MH370 report: "The turn? We can not exclude an external intervention"

Without the black boxes it will remain impossible to understand the reasons for this accident - ATTACHMENT

The mystery on the flight Malaysia Airlines 370 -operated with a Boeing B-777/200ER aircraft connecting Kuala Lumpur and Beijing and which disappeared on March 8, 2014- will remain long, because even in the final report published by the independent commission of inquiry no novelty is added to what has already been declared by the official Malaysian authorities.

The plane changed course due to a decision -probably- of the pilot or the copilot and flew for about seven hours on the Indian Ocean before crashing. "It isn't yet possible to determine the cause of the disappearance of the aircraft and we can't exclude the possibility of an intervention by third parties", reads on the report. This also because for a turn like that as told by the chief investigator Kok Soo Chon "the autopilot had to be deactivated, as we could deduce from our simulations". Surely a man has decided to change the route to the plane, but his identity and the reasons that led him to do this will remain a mystery.

Above all because the wreck has never been found and consequently the two black boxes for the investigators it is impossible to understand what actually happened to the flight MH370, and why that sudden change occurred in the route followed. Somewhere "in the extreme south of the Indian ocean" lies the wreck of the B-777 with inside the secrets about this incident, on which, however, miracles will never be made light, as the searches have been suspended for some time now.

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