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Russia: work on a new ground-effect vehicle missile-launcher

The aircraft should serve to defend the Arctic routes

In Russia, work is underway to develop a new Ground-Effect Vehicle (GEV) -aircraft which combines the seaplane with the hydrofoil- belonging to the Orlan class, which could give the armed forces of Moscow one more weapon in the Arctic region, in the Black Sea and in the Caspian Sea. Yury Borisov vice-prime minister wass in the Russian capital yesterday during the presentation of the 2018-2027 armaments program, in which he announced that it will mainly be used in the Arctic Ocean, where Russia is pursuing a strongly expansionist and controlling policy.

Borisov himself hasn't given any other details about it, except that he will be armed with missiles -presumably anti-ship- that could be mounted on the back of the GEV, similar to what was done in Soviet times on those of the Lun class. the main armament could also be installed on the wingtips or in a semi-recessed system in the aircraft fuselage, thus diminishing its size.

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