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Ju-52 accident: 20 dead and many doubts about the reasons for the crash

The plane was used by the company for tourist flights on the Alps

A Juncker Ju-52 aircraft used for tourist flights in Switzerland by Ju-Air -after its long service from 1939 to 1985 in the Swiss Air Force- crashed last Saturday on Piz Segnas, in the canton of Grisons, at an altitude of 2540 meters killing 20 people -all passengers and crew- on board the German aircraft.

The Ju-52 took off from Locarno in the direction of its hub, namely the airport of Dübendorf around 4:10 pm, where it never arrived. The reasons for the accident aren't clear yet, but among the hypotheses advanced in Switzerland there are high temperatures that could have influenced the performance of the plane, or a fatal stalemate during a narrow turn at "low" altitude. To make things clear, the Federal Prosecutor's Office and the Swiss Security Surveillance Service (SUST) opened an investigation, also assisted by the Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation (UFAC), which also imposed a blockade of the airspace in the area.

The Sust said after the first surveys, that the "old" Juncker 52 hit vertically and at high speed the ground destroying itself in the impact, but the wreck does not show evidence of collision in flight or a structural failure. One thing is certain, as reported by the local press: the historical plane involved "was in perfect condition and Ju-Air is considered a serious company by the pilots", words taken from the declaration of the flight director of the Locarno airport, from where the aircraft took off for the last time.

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