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Missile launch error: Spanish Typhoon plane stop flights in Estonia

Waiting to clarify the facts; the armament is still sought, unexploded

After an Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft training over the skies of Estonia accidentally left an AIM-120 air-to-air missile on Tuesday, the Spanish Air Force decided to stop the test and flights in the Baltic country waiting to clarify the reason for what happened.

As reported by "El Pais", human error would seem to be the most probable cause since the plane was examined and no software failure was found, but the doubt remains especially because it is not enough to press a button to disengage a missile, and the pilot who was in the air has a great experience on the airplane. It is hard to think that he did the whole procedure to train himself, because by following this he would have to turn on the radar to illuminate the target and when he pulled the trigger, the AIM-120 would follow the radar track and hit one of the other three planes. present at the maneuvers.

Meanwhile, the search for the fallen and non-exploded missile continues, and even NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg assured the maximum support of the Atlantic Alliance in the investigation.

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