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Iran: presented the "new" fighter plane

The Kowsar is identical to the dated US F-5F Tiger II -2 VIDEO

Through State television, Iran showed the "new" fighter plane produced entirely by the Tehran industry; they did so at the national defense industry fair in the presence of President Hassan Rouhani, who had himself portrayed inside the cockpit of the "Kowsar". An aircraft described by "Tasnim" as a fourth generation thanks to advanced avionics and a multi-purpose radar, but in reality it is nothing more than a Northrop F-5F Tiger II produced in the United States in the 50s and in use in the Iranian Air Force for a long time.

On Saturday, the defense minister announced that it would be aired on Wednesday, but evidently to unveil the "new" jewel to the world, the Iranian government has decided to anticipate the times by showing it already today, waiting to make the first flight. The fact remains that the "Kowsar" demonstrates the skills acquired over the years by Iran that would try to do what was already done by Israel with the French Mirage.

What is certain is that those who thought to see a fighter jet with possibile stealth capabilities -as the Qaher F-313- saw its expectations disappointed, given that the aircraft that would serve to ensure the safety of the Iranian skies is nothing more than an aircraft of ancient conception, but maybe -even if it is difficult to imagine- hides in the technologies installed on board its "extra weapon".

Below, two videos related to today's presentation:

Photo gallery The "new" fighter jet build by Iran, similar to the Northrop F-5F Tiger II
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