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ESA: the Aeolus satellite is launched in space

It will allow you to study the winds thoroughly

Yesterday at the Italian 11:20pm the European satellite Aeolus was sent into space, after the first launch scheduled for 21 August had been postponed due to weather conditions. The latter will be the object of study of the ESA (European Space Agency) probe which takes its name from the Greek god of winds Aeolus.

A satellite among the most complex ever made and built with cutting-edge technologies from various companies coordinated by Airbus Defense and Space, making it a truly top-quality European product. Its task will be to study the environmental and climatic aspects related to the winds, thanks to the Aladin instrument (Atmospheric LAser Doppler INstrument) namely a light pulse radar that will allow to reconstruct "the world profiles of the winds with a very accurate precision", as explained by Simonetta Cheli Head of the Coordination Office of the ESA Directorate for Earth Observation.

There is also Italy within the satellite, expecially there is in the Vega launcher that is built by Avio. A scientific satellite to study the winds, but that could act as a trailblazer for operational missions to study the most in-depth meteorological phenomena and capable of providing increasingly accurate predictions.

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