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From the United States: "Russia develops satellite-killers"

Electromagnetic attacks and rams to blind enemy probes

In Russia there would exist -from what write by "The National Interest"- a development program for satellites able to override other probes in orbit in the Space with electronic war (EW) attacks. The Assistant to US Secretary of State Tleem Poblete accused Moscow of having already sent these "weapons" but for the Kremlin armed forces it is not about satellite-killers, but probes designed to identify problems with other devices in orbit.

The satellites-controllers that would be put into orbit from Moscow are designed to glide at close range to other probes to perform diagnostics and to solve any problems. This flight capacity is the one that most worries the United States, because these could be set to maneuver in the vicinity of non-Russian probes by disabling or darkening them momentarily. A dual task therefore that puts at risk the entire satellite network not only the US, but also of European and potentially Chinese countries.

Russia already had four of these satellites; the last two -the Kosmos 2504 and 2519- which provoked the US reaction since they performed a series of strange and inexplicable maneuvers; an alarm bell against any possible attack on the space systems, which on the one hand would not cause victims on the other would cause the total blindness of GPS systems and satellite communications. Paradoxically a worse scenario.

The United States, however, is also working to develop these capabilities, so as to remain at the forefront and -possibly- the superpower in the space field.

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