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ISS: apprehension for a loss of internal pressure

To cause it a small 2 mm hole immediately sheltered by the astronauts

Yesterday in the International Space Station (ISS) there was a great apprehension since the pressure began to fall slowly due to a hole -singled out in the morning by the astronauts- about two millimeters in diameter in the orbital compartment of the Soyuz MS-09 spacecraft connected to the Russian station segment.

The Russian space agency -Roscosmos- announced that the astronauts used a sealing resin and gauze to close the small hole, and then made the necessary checks to verify the actual occlusion. Meanwhile, air was released from the oxygen tank -on the US side of the USS- to bring the environment back to normal pressure, continuing to monitor it for safety.

Obviously this damage generated an alarm both on board and in the various control centers, but the repair was carried out correctly and as declared by the European Space Agency "the crew is safe and sound"; NASA added that "the crew has never been in danger, and no further action has been taken".

To provoke the hole could be either a "micrometeor" -as imagined by the general director of Roscosmos- or a small orbital fragment.

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