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Space. ESA-JAXA: "Bepi Colombo" probe will be send soon for Mercury

Two orbital modules to study the planet closest to the Sun.

After obtaining the flight qualification on October 19 the "Bepi Colombo" spacecraft will be sent to the space with an Ariane 5 rocket carrier, which will depart from the Kourou spaceport in French Guiana. The mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Japanese Agency (JAXA) will consist in sending two orbital modules near Mercury, in a "flight" that will last seven years before reaching the planet closest to the Sun.

The two probes will be able to operate autonomously starting from 2025, in such a way as to be able to study the origin and evolution of the planet, the composition of its atmosphere, the interactions of the solar wind with its magnetic field, and finally the geology of the surface where temperatures ranging from 450 to -180 Celsius degrees are recorded. There will also be a lot of Italy on board the space probes because 4 of the instruments brought on board for photographs, for communications, for the study of general relativity and for the analysis of atmospheric gases have been designed and produced by Italian engineers and companies.

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