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Japan: expected free way from the Congress for the purchase of US aircraft

The E-2D Advanced Hawkeye will be the first part of a long process

Japan's "rearmament" program also included the purchase of four E-2D Advanced Hawkeye E-2 aircraft from the United States, an agreement reached for close to $ 3 billion. The sale of the turboprop twin-engine produced by the Northrop Grumman Group has also received government authorization and will soon enter service in the Japanese Air Force, which will use them jointly with the F-35 to enhance its surveillance capabilities in the Pacific region.

A sale that will allow the United States to increasingly increase its relationship with Japan, reiterating the importance that Washington gives to that quadrant of the world considered vital for world security and for US economic interests. In addition to aircraft costing 633 million dollars, 28 engines will also be sold, 12 multifunctional information distribution terminals jointly with the tactical radio system, 10 APY-9 radars and other electronic equipment.

The Congress must now say its about the sale, but the positive opinion seems to be taken for granted since Japan has already announced that it wants to "shop" in the US, given the renewed need to implement national security from possible attacks by North Korea or of China.

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