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China: the new aircraft carrier is operational for 2030

Too late to compete with the United States?

China would have started to build its third aircraft carrier in order to increase the projection capabilities on the seas of military power, but the details on the characteristics and capabilities of ships are few. Of course there is that the "002" will be equipped with a launch catapult similar to that used by the United States in the new aircraft carriers of the Ford class, or through the electromagnetic force (EMALS, Electromagnetic Launcher Launch System) instead of the steam used on the "001 Liaoning" and on "001A Shandong".

The design of the ship could therefore be different from that of the previous two, the first of the Soviet Kuznetsov class and the second developed in China using the Liaoning as a basis. In addition, with an aircraft carrier Emals the Chinese navy could perform flight operations faster, even if the capacities would always be lower compared to those in the United States.

The Shanghai shipyard is working on the hull, in a job that should take about two years -as written by the "South China Morning Post"-, since the construction will be more complicated and more demanding than the more rudimentary Shandong. The dimensions should be similar to the USS "John F. Kennedy" -about 80 tons of displacement- with a shape more similar to the western aircraft carrier with a smaller tower island or with two of these -the HMS "Queen Elizabeth" style- all to have more space to accommodate Shenyang J-15 Chinese boarded fighter planes and Shenyang J-31 stealth aircraft in the future.

The launch should take place by 2025 in such a way as to make it fully operational by 2030, perhaps too late to try to compete with the United States Navy in a larger number as well as with significantly higher capabilities.

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