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USA. Hurricane "Florence": cancelled flights from the coastal airports

Boeing activities in South Carolina also suspended

In a preventive manner 135 flights have been cancelled for today, and for Thursday another 264 that would have been operated by aircraft taking off or landing at the airports in the areas that will be hit by the hurricane "Florence", that is close to approch the southeastern coast of the United States at high speed. The carriers have cancelled the largest number of connections from the airports along the Atlantic coast, where reductions and interruptions of flight operations were announced in advance of the arrival of the hurricane in order to safely evacuate them.

Further cancellations -according to the US press- will also take place on Friday and Saturday for the coastal airports -including that of Charlotte-, while the Atlanta airport -the busiest in the world- should remain open, even if a spokesman said that "the situation is constantly monitored together with meteorologists to ensure the safety of the aircraft". However, flights over the next few days could suffer reductions -especially internal ones- or delays as the airport could be used as a starting point for any airplanes and helicopters, heading for the areas hit by the hurricane to provide relief.

Boeing has also decided to suspend all operations in the South Carolina plants, where the B-787 Dreamliner aircraft are assembled, following the evacuation order issued by the local authorities.

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