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Air France 1611: plane crash caused by a missile?

The family members after 50 years ask for secret removal of state

The Air France Sud-Aviation SE-210 Air Caravelle airplane which crashed during the approach to Nice causing the death of 95 people on 11 September 1968, according to the final report fell due to a fire; this made pilots lose control when they could not avoid the impact with the sea surface off the Côte d'Azur. The "problem" is the reason that led to the release of the flames on board was never established, and on the case was placed the State secret by the French government.

After 50 years the families of the victims have asked President Emmanuel Macron and the Minister of the Interior Gérard Collomb to remove it, allowing to shed light on the real cause of the accident, since the doubt is that the Caravelle fell after being hit by a missile. A thesis corroborated by some witnesses who saw a flash of blue light coming from the plane before the fatal swoop. In addition, a letter sent in the 2011 by the former Army Secretary to the Toulon prefecture Michel Laty to one of the family members of the victims, would support this thesis as this letter confirmed that it was an unarmed missile launched from the island of Levante, to hit one of the aircraft's engines, causing the fire and the following disaster.

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