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ICCT study: fuel efficiency improved by 1% per year

Best company is Norwegian. Below the average Alitalia -ATTACHED

In a study by the International Council on Clean Transportation (ICCT) published today, it is clear that the efficiency of the fuel used by airlines on transatlantic flights has improved by 1% per year since 2014, when most of these he started buying more modern aircraft.

The choice to bet on more efficient aircraft in terms of fuel consumption has not only been made to reduce CO2 emissions, but also and above all to increase profits from intercontinental flights, since in this way it has been possible to reduce the impact of the increase in the price of oil.

Yet it would still be too little to meet the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which plans to reduce fuel consumption by 2% by 2050 on all flights. The airlines will have to increase efficiency, so aerospace companies will have to reduce their aircraft consumption, but increase the number of seats for passengers.

In the comparative study of the Icct experts, it emerged that the most efficient airline was Norwegian Air using the Boeing B-787/8 and the B-737 MAX, while the bottom was British Airways, penalized above all by the high percentage of places left unsold on average on its B-747/400. Even Alitalia under the general average despite having a load factor higher than the total average, but mainly uses aircraft with lower efficiency than the more modern ones causing a greater consumption of fuel.

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