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Russian accusations: "US astronauts have sabotaged the Soyuz"

"An absurdity", the response from Washington

After the director of the Russian space agency (Roscosmos) Dmitry Rogozin also declared that the hole on the Soyuz spacecraft anchored to the International Space Station (ISS) could have been done by human hands (see AVIONEWS news), yesterday the newspaper "Kommersant" accused the American astronauts of sabotaging the mission. To return to Earth as soon as possible, and to have declared it to the Russian newspaper would have been a Roscosmos official.

A micropore that would not be dangerous for the safety of the astronauts, but that could have accelerated their return to Earth since one of those present on the ISS would have been ill and would need self-care. A fact that raises some question marks, because people would hardly sabotage something risking to create irreparable damage, which could cost their lives in addition to the loss of the space station, and also in the case of real medical need would be organized "a" evacuation".

Former astronaut Scott Kelly has commented on the reconstruction of the US as "absolutely ridiculous". While Rogozin via social has denied in part the alleged indiscretion, writing that "the commission of inquiry will continue its work, the investigations are more difficult than expected and before their closure is unacceptable that hypotheses or conjectures are spread".

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