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USA: T-6 Texan II training aircraft crash

Many problems in the last year for this model -VIDEO

A Beechcraft T-6 Texan II training aircraft -with brands 05-6209- yesterday crashed during a training session in San Antonio, Texas. The aircraft took off from the Randolph Air Force Base, but during the flight something went wrong and the T-6 started to lose altitude, forcing the pilots to eject. The plane crashed into a land near a shopping center; the two men on board -according to what was declared by the US Air Force (USAF)- suffered only minor injuries. An investigation was initiated on the incident in order to ascertain the causes of the failure, since in the last year many defects have been found on the Texan that would have been resolved. Since last November some training centers have had to ground their Beechcraft fleet, because some pilots had reported symptoms comparable to those of hypoxia, leading Usaf to authorize the use of oxygen masks during the flight. The problem was solved - after the entire T-6 fleet was stopped for a month - with the identification of a malfunction of the aeration system that caused a decrease in oxygen in the cabin. To be seen now if yesterday afternoon's accident was caused by this or another technical failure.

Photo gallery Foto incidente Texan II a San Antonio (18/09/2018) Foto incidente Texan II a San Antonio (18/09/2018) Foto incidente Texan II a San Antonio (18/09/2018)
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