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Istanbul: the airport of the scandal?

Workers returned to work under police control

The workers' strike at the new Istanbul airport has exposed the poor working conditions faced by people in Turkey, but above all put at risk the opening scheduled for October 29 of what will be one of the airports Largest in the world, capable of serving around 90 million passengers a year. The workers denounced the risks to their safety in the building site -as long as 27 of them died during construction- in addition to low pay and crumbling lodgings. During the protest on Friday, 401 workers were arrested, and yesterday a Turkish court ordered that 27 of them still remain in prison -including union leaders- awaiting the trial that will take place shortly. A harsh response from Turkey to the strikers called "terrorists" by the local press, which does not take into account -according to the trade unions- the importance of the safety of the workers involved in the construction of the infrastructure, who were "protesting by affirming their democratic rights".

Important underlining since the state of emergency declared after the failed coup in the country was removed after the re-election of Erdogan, allowing in fact the return to normality and laws in force which grant the right to strike. Meanwhile, the works on the airport building sites left last Monday and to avoid new protests so as to arrive ready at the scheduled opening date, the workers would be under the vigil control of the Turkish police ready to "quell" any attempt to strike.

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