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Brexit (2): government expects recognition on air safety

Major problems could be for freight transport

On several occasions, the govern of United Kingdom said that it is unlikely that the country will leave the European Union without having first signed an agreement, because both have many interests in common especially in the areas related to security. Nevertheless, the government led by Theresa May are preparing emergency plans since the date of March 29, 2019 is approaching fast, and since no major progress has been made in negotiations, the real risk is that the initial forecasts of a "soft" Brexit "are totally denied. Yesterday were published by the government and the various ministries specific studies for each sector that will be affected by the exit from the EU, including that of safety and air transport, currently based on European regulations, ensuring standards common to all airlines and to all passengers of the Member States.

What is assured by the transport department is that after the exit from the EU, in the United Kingdom -if no agreement will be found- nothing will change in terms of safety since the existing regulations and procedures will be maintained in national legislation, giving way to the country already having a solid security system considered among the best in the world. Given the current standards of the United Kingdom, it would therefore be unthinkable for a European decision not to recognize it immediately as an equivalent, also because in that case it would create uneasy situations for passengers and goods in transit. For the former, in fact, there would be the same situation as those arriving from extra-EU countries, so in the case of a stopover, both documents and baggage security would be checked, thus extending the time spent on the ground; this would happen, however, above all in the airports of the EU States, since in the United Kingdom those who now make a stopover -without its origin- are subjected to additional security checks.

The other problem would affect the goods, because the current regime called Acc3 sees the United Kingdom responsible for granting to 37 airlines in the world in contrast to the EU, since they fully meet the requirements for safety procedures to be followed in each airport used before taking off to any European airport. The United Kingdom intends to recognize the security of goods arriving from the EU, in the hope that the decision will be reciprocal because otherwise they could come to create dangerous problems for the regular procurement of States and for the conduct of air links.

The civil aviation sector, but in general that of transport will be one of the most important aspects in the coming months during the negotiations to sign an agreement for Brexit. But if this does not happen, it seems quite logical that the European Union will recognize the high safety standards in the United Kingdom; also because since the year of accession to the European Economic Community in 1973 there have never been any major problems that have questioned the safety of British air transport.

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