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Indonesia: after the earthquake and tsunami also a volcanic eruption

Air traffic diverted on other routes for safety -VIDEO

The number of victims caused by the earthquake and tsunami that hit the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia rose to 1407, but is destined to rise as well as that related to damage and displaced persons. The Indonesian government is trying to organize rescue operations and to send humanitarian and personal aid through the air force and army helicopters to assist and evacuate the inhabitants of the island, as well as to guarantee the respect for the law, especially in the city of Palu, where guards of soldiers guard the key infrastructures, the fuel depots, the banks and the airport to avoid attempts at looting and to check for any new damage. This morning the area has "woken up" with a new strong earthquake, which was followed by the eruption of the volcano Soputan -in the province of North Sulawesi- which has raised in the sky a column of smoke and ash high more than 6 km. The Indonesian authorities have advised the population to avoid approaching the area since it is feared that the eruption may continue, while air traffic controllers have been issued a bulletin in which they are asked to divert other planes to different routes. they should have been flying over the area.

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