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India and Russia signed the agreement for the S-400

What will do the United States?

India and Russia have signed the 5.5 billion dollar agreement for the acquisition of 5 S-400 Triumf air defense missile systems; signature that arrived today during the meeting between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Russian President Vladimir Putin held in Delhi. Does the Indo-Russian agreement risk to undermine the nascent strategic relations with Washington? The risk is there because the Department of State could impose economic sanctions on India, which have made a significant transaction with the Russian defense industry in opposite with the sanctions regime against Russia (Caatsa). In reality, however, the Pentagon could ask not to apply them given the positive evolution that the relations between the two countries are in terms of both commercial (arms sales) and anti-Chinese.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis spoke out against possible sanctions in Dheli and during the last Indo-US meeting he assured the other party that there would be no economic retribution in the case of purchase of the missile system; something that instead has been towards China and that there could be towards Turkey. The first delivery of the system is scheduled for 2020, and the US government can wait to decide whether or not to react to the agreement by evaluating all possible consequences.

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