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Boeing-Embraer: what will be the future after the Brazilian elections?

Meanwhile the KC-390 aircraft could be equipped with technologies made in the USA

The collaboration between Boeing and Embraer on the KC-390 transport plane may not be limited to commercialization, since the US company could also provide industrial and technological expertise to the Brazilian counterpart, allowing it to sell the product worldwide the aircraft. Recently -as written by AVIONEWS- the possibility was also proposed that Boeing will support Embraer in the construction of a plant in the United States, from which the KC-390 would come out, which would no longer be assembled in Brazil where they would come also lost jobs and skills. What remains to be seen is the governmental position, especially that of the new president who will emerge from the run-off on October 28th between Jair Bolsonaro and Fernando Haddad, who have a diametrically opposed view of what will be Brazil of the future also in the economic-industrial field .

The joint-venture between Boeing and Embraer will most likely not be touched and will be approved, also because in the agreement signed between the two aerospace companies there is the maintenance in the hands of Brazilians in the military sector, especially as regards the design, development , tests and production of aircraft. But the possible shift of the KC-390 production line in the United States could represent the beginning of a closer collaboration and a veiled "control" by Boeing, also through the supply of advanced technologies to Embraer that would make the plane -in part- also from the United States.

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