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Russia. Sukhoi SJ-100 plane finishes off the runway landing

Probable causes the ice and a human error -VIDEO

A Sukhoi Superjet-100 aircraft -registration RA-89011- used by the carrier Yakutia this morning, made an off-piste after landing at Yakutsk Airport in Russia, without any of the 91 people on board reporting serious injuries. To cause the accident may have been the ice on the asphalt, a pilot error or the matching of both events since the runway used for landing -23L- had the threshold moved by 1150 meters due to reconstruction work, and only 2248 meters could be used. The pilots once touched the ground failed to stop the run of the aircraft, which has crossed the area during works seriously damaging the fuselage and the main landing gear-which have come off sharply, as well as causing a loss of fuel that fortunately did not trigger a fire. The airport was closed for almost seven to allow relief and to proceed with the removal of the wreck of the aircraft. An investigation by the Russian transport authority was opened on the incident.

Below, a post-crash video:

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