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Pakistan-China: agreement for the supply and construction of 48 new drone aircraft

Pakistani industry involved in the agreement that strengthens the presence of Beijing

China and Pakistan have signed -as reported by Chinese press - an agreement to jointly produce the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) CAIG Wing Loong II, after Islamabad has bought 48 for its Armed forces. These will be built both by the Chinese company and by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex (PAC), in an agreement -if will be confirmed- that would be the largest and most important in the history of drones produced in China. The Wing Loong II is an aircraft designed to carry out reconnaissance and attack missions, carrying up to 480 kg of missiles and bombs, and is powered by an engine capable of keeping it in flight for 20 hours at speeds between 150 and 370 km/h at a maximum altitude of 9000 meters.

The possible -but highly plausible- agreement between China and Pakistan comes a year after using satellite images had been seen Pakistani military use the Wing Loong I, which is the first version of the UAV. Furthermore, it would be a further cornerstone in the industrial collaboration between the two countries, since they work together to develop and manufacture a light multi-role combat aircraft (JF-17 Thunder or FC-1), which if added to one the study of the International Peace Research Institute, in which China has emerged as the main supplier of arms to Pakistan, shows how slowly the United States' historically allied State is aligning itself in Beijing, especially in an anti-India perspective.

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