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USA. The arrival of the "Michael" hurricane is scheduled for today

Closed airports and cancelled many flights from Florida, Georgia and Alabama -VIDEO

Today the "Michael" hurricane will hit Florida, Alabama and part of Georgia, after its passage in Central America where it killed 13 people and above all it has not lost its power so much so that the National Hurricane Center took it to level 4 on the Saffir-Simpson scale, which reaches a maximum of 5. The governor of Florida -who will be the most affected by the hurricane- has issued an appeal asking the residents of coastal areas to abandon their homes to get themselves safe. Aircraft transport will be interested with cancellations -some already scheduled for safety- and important delays during the passage of "Michael"; airports in the areas south-east of the United States will remain closed, while the Atlanta airport -the busiest in the world- should remain operational as "the expected winds and rains should be within operational limits". There will also be disruption to the US Air Force, and the Tyndall air base -of the 325th Wing- has been evacuated from all the "not-essential" personnel, while the aircraft in the base -mainly F-22 Raptor- will remain in the hangars so as to avoid possible damage.

Below, the video of the hurricane see from the space:

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