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Belgium: accidental shots destroy an F-16 plane of the Air Force

A technician started burst of cannon from other aircraft

An incredibile incident it happened yesterday afternoon at the Florennes Air Base, when during a maintenance on an F-16 aircraft of the Belgium Air Component a technician accidentally opened fire and hitting another aircraft parked on the square in front of the hangars. The affected F-16 caught fire and was completely destroyed, also because it was loaded with fuel, and two other models of the US fighter were slightly damaged by the blast. To shed light on what happened the base commander told the Belgian press that an investigation will be opened, especially to understand how it was possible that inadvertently a technician probably fired with the M61 Vulcan rotary cannon installed on the F-16. The damage caused by the accident would amount to tens of millions of Euro and flight operations from the air base are suspended temporarily to allow both to carry out the investigations, and to secure the whole area near the explosion point avoiding any leakage of toxic substances.

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