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Planes. El Al: no flight will operate from January

Security issues that will be solved by Israeli ministries

It seems that the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced to airlines that it intends will not use more security personnel at airports in the world since 1 January 2019, because an agreement has not been reached with the workers. A decision that led El Al to declare that from 31 December 2018 all Israeli aircraft will stop flying to international destinations, as there is no longer any guarantee of safety for passengers, personnel and aircraft. This is reported by "Yedioth Ahronoth" that quotes a letter -retrieved from the newspaper- sent by El Al Eli Dapas president to the Deputy Chief of the National Security Council of Israel and to the Director General of the Office of the Prime Minister. To prevent the blocking of flights by Israeli airlines, the Tel Aviv government will have to find a solution in the coming months.

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