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Belgium: F-35 chosen because it allows to save on the total cost

600 million euros less than what had been budgeted

The choice of Belgium to bet on the fifth-generation Lockheed Martin F-35 aircraft instead of the Eurofighter Typhoon is linked to economic issues, since the 34 US aircraft that will be purchased will cost less than the European fighter airplanes. In total -according to Minister of Defense Steven Vandeput- Belgium will invest 4 billion euros to receive aircraft that will replace the dated F-16 currently in service. In addition, the purchase of the F-35 will allow the Belgian airline component to have the same aircraft as the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and Norway, thus making it more integrated into the defense system. aerial of the NATO. The 34 F-35s that will be delivered over the years to Belgium -the first in 2023- will be in the "A" version, which is the traditional configuration of the aircraft.

The purchase of the F-35 will allow Brussels to make an economic effort paradoxically lower than expected, as the price is less than 600 million euros compared to what was expected by the government, and also will allow Belgium to use them for about 40 years maintaining a technologically advanced aircraft in service. The Eurofighter Typhoon would have forced the armed forces to rely on a conceptually older aircraft, for which more investments would have been needed over the years in order to modernize it and make it usable in a context increasingly based on technological developments.

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