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Lion Air incident: research continues to find the black boxes of the plane

Divers in action along with 35 ships and a drone

The research continues in Indonesia of the wreckage of the B-737 MAX 8 plane of Lion Air crashed into the sea yesterday shortly after taking off from the Jakarta airport. The divers are try this morning to identify especially the black boxes that should be about 30-35 meters deep, but to make the operations difficult are the bad weather conditions that decrease visibility in the water. About 35 ships and a submarine drone are engaged in the search, which are plotting in hopes of capturing the location signal sent by the flight and cabin data recorders.

The hope of rescuers is to identify the wreck this morning, especially for the black boxes thanks to which it will be possible to determine the causes of the plane crash in which 189 people have died. So far the sea has only returned debris, personal objects and remains of human bodies, found in areas where it is assumed that the plane has fallen.

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