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China: the new attack drone will enter soon in production

The CH-5 Rainbow should be the rival of the MQ-9 -VIDEO

At the airshow that will held in Zhuhai, the Chinese Academy of Aerospace and Aeronautical (CAAA) will not only show the tilt-rotor CH-10 drone, but will also show the version that will go into production of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) CH-5 Rainbow-5. The aircraft -built in 2016- was presented in a video showing the flight capabilities of the mid-altitude drone, as well as the shooting range against ground targets.

The drone will have a Maximum TakeOff Weight (MTOW) estimated at 3.3 tonnes with a wingspan of 21 meters, and will also carry a maximum of 16 surface-to-air missiles remaining in flight for approximately 60 hours; characteristics that would make CH-5 the direct competitor of the US MQ-9 Reaper. Above all, the Rainbow-5 will give way to China and the national industry to increasingly act as an "alternative" to the most expensive US products with limited export possibilities.

Below, the video of the tests:

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