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China: first flight of the J-20 aircraft armed with missiles

An important step forward for the Chinese aeronautic industries

During the military parade for the 69th anniversary of the foundation of the People's Liberation Army Air Force carried out yesterday on the final day of the "Zhuhai Airshow", for the first time two Chengdu J-20 aircraft were armed with missiles arranged both in the hold and on the margins of this. An important demonstration that corroborates how China has managed to get closer in capacity to aircraft built in the United States, especially because the J-20 will also be able to transport long-range air-to-air missiles inside the hold, along the lines of the F-22s. of the F-35s.

Back, however, the Chinese industries are still in what concerns the engine, having been used for these performances the same engine of the Chengdu J-10, and in what concerns the stealth capabilities for both the thermal shield of the engines and the canard fins, which guarantee better maneuverability but at the same time heavily influence the possibility of minimizing the radar track. The development on the plane, however, will certainly continue and the fact that it has carried live missiles means that China is making enormous progress, and soon it could get to put into service an aircraft of fifth generation and comparable to those of the United States.

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