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Israel: joint air exercise to destroy the S-300 anti-aircraft systems

Training carried out with the Greek Armed Forces

The Israeli Air Force (IAF) and Greece Armed Forces trained -from the end of October to the past few days- in an aerial exercise aimed at identifying how Israeli aircraft can operate to hit and destroy the missile defense systems S-300, supplied to the armed forces of Athens. The maneuver involved 11 F-16I fighter-bombers and a Gulfstream G-550 (AEW&C, Airborne Early Warning and Control) that operated in a hostile environment protected by the S-300s, in a missile attack simulation aimed at their destruction. It seems that the Israeli armed forces were satisfied with the combined capacity of the G-550s and F-16I: the former was able to deceive and blind the radar giving way to the second to proceed with the raids.

Of course, Israel did not use the F-35I for the exercises as they would not encounter problems in areas defended by the S-300 because it would be "invisible" to the Russian system's radar, and that's why the aeronautics used the F- 16I which, among other things, are used more for the bombing operations in Syria.

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