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Will NASA focus on the SpaceX and Blue Origin launchers?

Problem: the SLS costs a lot and is behind with development

NASA is planning to withdraw plans for the design, development and use of the Space Launch System (SLS) and the Orion space shuttle, because the costs are very high, but above all because SpaceX -of Elon Musk- and Blue Origin -of Jeff Bezos- are working to create two reusable and more accessible economically viable big launchers, namely the Big Falcon Rocket (BFR) and the New Gleen. In fact, NASA could decide to tackle the use of these two that are in a phase of advanced development compared to the SLS, so much so that they could anticipate it for the first launch towards the Moon.

In addition, the space agency has so far spent about $ 11.9 billion for the SLS and it should invest an additional 4 or 5 billions by 2021, while later for every launch -being non-reusable- NASA will have to put on the plate about $ 5 billion. Unlike the vector rocket produced by Boeing -considered by the American press as the main responsible for the increase in cost and delays- those of SpaceX and Blue Origin would be reusable and each launch could cost much less.

However, a decision will probably be made no sooner than 2020-2021, when the SpaceX company should send its BFR with the spacecraft to the Earth's orbit (Big Falcon Spaceship) at the top and at the same time Blue Origin should have completed the tests with the New Glenn lunar lander. Moreover, for 2020 the SLS should carry out the first unmanned launches - like rivals. Only after these deadlines, NASA will decide whether it will be possible to continue with the program or go to those of SpaceX and Blue Origin, thus avoiding to be mocked over time for the return of man to the Moon. The future of space exploration will also be played at the Congress and the Defense Department and Donald Trump 's desire to set up an autonomous Space Force could, in fact, favor the government agency that could re-launch and overcome private companies in the "race" to the Moon and to Mars.

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