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China: construction of the third aircraft carrier "slowed down"

Beijing would have decreased the funds

Despite the announcements made by China regarding the progress of construction of the new aircraft carrier (the Type 002), it seems that the work has slowed down due to the decrease in funds on the program caused by tensions with the United States and the military reform desired by Beijing. This is because the actual commissioning of the Type 001A, re-elaboration of the Liaoning (Kuznetsov class), commissioned in 2012 and launched in April 2017, has been evaluated as most important, but some work is still underway before it can be used in exercises prior to the actual entry into the fleet which should take place in 2020.

Meanwhile in Shanghai shipyards we continue to work with less haste to Type 002 which should be an innovative aircraft carrier, being produced entirely in China but especially because it should have the electromagnetic catapult (EMALS) also used on ships of the class "Gerard R. Ford". Among the difficulties encountered by Chinese industries, however, there is the development of the fifth-generation Chengdu J-15 boarded plane for which the costs have increased after some problems detected in the first flights made -including a fatal accident in 2016; without the new fighter to build a third aircraft carrier could become useless, and in fact Beijing plans to put it into service in 2030. But waiting another 12 years will only increase the technological gap with the Anointed States and at this point you can imagine the reason for the decrease in funds allocated to the "Type 002" program, as the Chinese government may prefer to focus on developing other military projects.

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