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Lion Air incident: publication of the preliminary report tomorrow

The Cockpit Voice Recorder is still searched

Indonesian investigators will publish tomorrow the preliminary report of the investigation of the incident of the Boeing B-737 MAX 8 plane crashed shortly after take-off from the Jakarta airport killing all 189 people on board. The first publication will come while the research in the Sea of Java of the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) of the aircraft continues, without which it will be impossible to give a definitive and complete vision to the accident of last 29 October. The suspect number 1 to have caused the crash is the Boeing anti-stall system that due to a faulty sensor would have put into operation the MCAS system, which automatically caused the plane to be beaten to avoid stalling.

The pilots would have tried to control the aircraft since the exact same problem seems to have been accused the day before, when the crew managed to turn off the system and managed to get to Jakarta without difficulty. The US company has begun to meet the airlines that use the B-737 MAX to explain how pilots must behave in the event of a sensor failure, emphasizing that the stabilization procedure remains the same as in previous versions.

Obviously it could not have been just the failure to cause the accident but probably a series of factors -including the maintenance and training of the pilots- could result from the investigation carried out by the Indonesian investigators, more so than the fact that plane in question had had problems with the relative speed indicators in the last four flights made. Being able to recover the last black box, perhaps, would give a complete view of the incident, but last week it was stated that the signal is no longer heard, making fear that the cockpit recorder will remain forever at sea.

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