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Incident Lion Air: carrier accused of not having grounded the plane

This emerges from the preliminary report of the survey -ATTACHED

The Boeing B-737 MAX 8 aircraft -registration PK-LQP- of Lion Air, crashed on October 29 shortly after taking off from the airport of Jakarta, should not have been flying on October 29th because it had accused the same technical problem during the previous flight. The Indonesian investigative team writes in the preliminary accident report, where the emphasis was placed on the lack of attention and little maintenance by the local airline.

In the data recorded by the only black box recovered (the Flight Data Recorder) it is also clear how the pilots attempted to keep the plane afloat after due to a malfunction in an antistallic wing sensor, the system control of the automated flight (MCAS) by beating the nose of the aircraft to try to take it out of the stall mistakenly recorded. A problem that had also been recorded in the connection of the previous day but in that case the pilots -the same as the incident- had managed to stabilize the plane.

A series of related causes has caused the fatal crash for 189 people, but what has been highlighted most is that Lion Air is guilty of having put the plane back into service despite the fact that the repeated problems had never been solved to the anti-stall sensor. The investigation will now continue in the hope of recovering the Cockpit Voice Recorder (CVR) so as to give a definitive picture of the incident, which however raises again doubts about the safety of air transport in Indonesia.

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