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Russia-Ukraine. Merkel: "Countries have the right to their independence"

But economic sanctions will not be tightened up yet

Speaking today at the Ukrainian-German economic forum in Berlin, Chancellor Angela Merkel explained that "there can not be a military solution" to the tense situation with Russia, reiterating its full support for the reforms implemented by Kiev. According to Merkel, to "smooth out" the Russian-Ukrainian tensions, it is necessary to make Russia understand that "Europe wants to have good relations, but the neighboring countries have a right to their independence and that is why economic sanctions have been applied".

Sanctions that, however, have not been tightened up seems to have been opposed by Germany and France, which would have considered the imposition of new restrictive measures against Russia to be premature, preferring to remain on waiting positions to assess Moscow's next moves. Presumably, however, if the tension should rise further, the European Union will decide to impose further sanctions, especially if a similar situation -or worse- of the naval blockade of the Kerch strait that led to the seizure of three Ukrainian military ships by the Russian authorities.

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