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NASA: today announcement of collaboration with companies to return to the Moon

The space agency will be a "customer among many customers"

NASA in a press conference that will be held today in Washington at 2 pm EST -the 8pm In Italy- will announce the partnership with 9 US aerospace companies to be able to return to the Moon in the next 10 years. A step forward after the new space policy directive signed by President Donald Trump last year, but for which the federal government will have to invest less dollars than what happened with the "Apollo program" that allowed 12 astronauts, in 6 different missions, to "walk" on the natural satellite of the Earth. This is because -as the director of NASA Jim Bridenstine explained on "Twitter"- the US space agency will be "a customer of many customers" because it will exploit the tools and technologies that will be transported to the Moon by private companies. A proto-base that will serve as a point of reference and study to prepare a future human mission to Mars, reviving passion and curiosity towards spatial exploration.

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