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NATO: meeting among foreign ministers to resolve the Russian question

On the table Ukraine and the violation of the INF Treaty

As soon as the G20 summit ends, NATO foreign ministers will meet on 4 and 5 December in Brussels, in an "extraordinary" summit that will serve to try to throw a single and general line concerning Russia's actions against 'Ukraine is on the construction of Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missiles (IRBM) in violation of the INF Treaty. Two issues that generate a very strong friction between NATO and Moscow, especially because it reduces the security and the possible protection of European countries, which are trying to deal with Vladimir Putin to find a substantial agreement that allows to rebuild relationships based on cordiality and mutual trust.

The G20 summit in Buenos Aires will probably also allow us to talk about the "Ukrainian question" that risks turning into a dangerous spark for the stability of Eastern Europe since, in addition to last Sunday's naval blockade, the president of the Ukraine Petro Poroshenko denounced plans for invasion by Russia that would be massing tanks at the border. Meanwhile, today, Moscow has decided to prohibit the transit of foreign warships in the North-East passage, which will only be possible by requesting authorization in an attempt -which is unlikely to be achieved- to "hegemonize" the Arctic Ocean.

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