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USA: required new standard for aircraft passenger data

Idea: less privacy for a greater fight against terrorism

The United States would be pushing to expand carriers' data collection capabilities so as to increase the fight against terrorism, while sacrificing people's privacy. To ask for it is the counter-terrorism coordinator of the Department of State Nathan Sales who proposed to create a new standard for collecting information on passengers, especially frequent flyer numbers, e-mail addresses and credit card information. A new security paradigm that should be drafted by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) so as -reported by the US press- exert pressure on the 192 member States; to do by 2019.

Such a regulation would however go against the legislation on personal data protection in many parts of the world, above all it would not respect that of the European Union which, unlike the United States, gives greater weight and importance to privacy. A problem that would be difficult to solve, also because it would be difficult to find out whether the authorities will "misuse" or not such information on aircraft passengers.

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