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Piaggio Aerospace: Nicastro former-employee of Profumo

The task to restructure and sell it to the commissioner

The appointment of the lawyer Vincenzo Nicastro as extraordinary commissioner of Piaggio Aerospace has generated different reactions in the trade unions, because there are those who welcomed it favorably and those who accused the government of having preferred a profile coming from finance compared to one who came from industry. Nicastro is an expert in bankruptcy law and performs "consulting activities on behalf of entities in the field of financial restructuring and industrial bailouts", a profile that would be suitable and perfectly adequate for the situation in which towards the Ligurian company to be "settled" before you can find a buyer who raises it. Who knows if the buyer Vincenzo Nicastro does not go to look for Leonardo, where he can find his "old superior" Alessandro Profumo since the new extraordinary commissioner was Chairman of the Board of Auditors of UniCredit at the time when the current CEO of aerospace company was at the top of the banking institution.

Firstly, however, Nicastro will have to find a way to pay the salaries of November blocked by the previous administration, and will have to meet the trade union leaders and politicians of Liguria, who have asked to move the meeting scheduled for Friday, anticipating it compared to the current 5:30pm. Too late to be able to deepen the topics on the agenda and to define the road that will lead to the sale and relaunch of Piaggio Aerospace. A first step must be made by the Government identifying how and if to invest the 766 million euros allocated to purchase 20 P.2HH drone aircraft, of which about half would be for Leonardo that participates in the electronic part of the UAV and has previous credits with the Ligurian company. But the company led by Profumo also has interest in taking over a part of Piaggio Aerospace, namely that relating to engines and maintenance, not wanting to take on all the debts accumulated over the years.

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