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Airbus: orders for A-380 aircraft from China?

It could save the production line that is likely to close early

The Chinese carriers could be the "salvation" for the A-380 since in the coming years could make many orders for the largest aircraft in the world, which has not had the success expected in China having been purchased only 5 units. But in the meeting between the Minister of the Economy Bruno Le Maire and the Chinese vice-premier Hu Chunhua it seems that the two countries have found an agreement to increase the economic-financial dialogue and to strengthen cooperation in the air transport sector. On the one hand, Paris will strive to increase the presence of Airbus at the production level in China, while on the other, Beijing will ensure that companies start requesting more A-330s, A-350s and A-380s.

On the last, however, the rumors that they see a possible Chinese order have been going on for a long time so much so that already in September 2017 the director of Airbus China declared that within a few years 60 A-380 would be needed; even last January, French President Emmanuel Macron had declared that A-350 and A-380 would soon be sold. But these statements never followed orders or explicit requests to Airbus from Chinese airlines. To be seen if the last meeting -where the goal of an industrial cooperation worth USD 1 billion has been set- will generate the desired effect in Paris and Toulouse, where it risks seriously having to close prematurely, once the orders have been completed of Emirates, the production line of the A-380s.

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