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USAF: aircraft of the future could cost 300 million dollars each

3 times as much than the expense for the F-35A

The next-generation fighter aircraft that will be used by the US Air Force (USAF) could cost more than USD 300 million per unit, making it the most expensive plane in history by spending resources 3 times higher than the F-35A. An estimate that does not come from the Department of Defense, but that was carried out by a government agency separate from the Pentagon and that also estimated in 414 units the number of aircraft that the USAF will need to replace the current F-15C/D and F-22 starting from 2030. The problem is represented by the cost that must necessarily be minor, since the current estimate that the investment that should be made by the United States would be out of reach even for the main power military and economic world.

The reason for this cost is linked to the fact that the sixth generation aircraft should have -in addition to the stealth capabilities- sensors and information systems much higher than the current ones, as well as a higher payload of weapons. These would be the characteristics that would guarantee the USAF to maintain its predominance over China and Russia.

The expenses that will have to be faced for this aircraft will also add up to those for the F-35 -which should lower over time- and those for the new generation B-21 Raider, which on paper should not have a very high cost but that already happened for the B-2 could have an increase in the final price.

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