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China: the place for the airport in Antarctica located

Huge stretch of blue ice found by the Beijing team

The expedition team sent by China to find the place where to build an airport to host the researchers' planes (maybe also military once?) has found a huge area of blue ice where they can start work, allowing the transport aircraft strategic Xian Y-20 Kunpeng to be able to land and take off. The researchers drilled ice to check its thickness and in these days will continue to inspect it, so as to allow the realization of a project to build the landing strip where will operate a plane with a maximum weight of 220 tons.

It would be the ninth blue ice airport infrastructure in Antarctica and should work alongside the smaller skyways; the former differ from the fact that it is not necessary to modify the landing gear of the aircraft and they need a less constant maintenance. A necessity for China since it has no permanent airport in Antarctica, but in the same continent it manages 5 research stations, obliging the Y-20 to use the tracks of other countries.

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