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Iran Air hopes that Airbus can deliver ordered planes

Tehran has asked to the EU to put pressure on the United States

The government of Iran would have asked the representatives of the European Union to pressure the United States to give the green light to the delivery of the Airbus aircraft purchased by Iranian airlines. This is reported by the agency "Insa" which underlines how Iran Air has ordered 200 aircraft in the last years of which 100 from Airbus and 20 from the Italian-French ATR consortium in agreements signed after the nuclear agreement of 2015, but with the reimposition of the sanctions the United States has revoked the sales licenses not only for Boeing, but also for Airbus since some parts of the European company's aircraft are produced by US companies.

Iranian and Iran Air hope is that the European Union will succeed in obtaining the US consensus allowing Airbus to deliver the ordered planes, even if it remains difficult -at present- to imagine Donald Trump taking a step backwards. If the green light does not arrive, the risk feared by the managing director of Iran Air is that the company will have to stop the operation risking an economic collapse of the airline.

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