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Gatwick Airport: partially re-open but still many flight cancelled

The Secretary of Transport announces restrictive measures for other airports

After another closing day was planned, this morning the London-Gatwick airport was partially re-opened, since the drone that remained in the airspace yesterday for almost the whole day has not been sighted since yesterday evening. Although the takeoffs and landings have been re-authorized there are still many inconveniences at the airport, where many connections are delayed or canceled so much so that the management company advised passengers to contact the airlines before traveling to the airport.

In addition, the police are still on high alert because the operator (or operators) have not yet been identified, even if the British press accuses the ecologists of this air traffic disorder action that caused a day of chaos and inconvenience for more than 120,000 people.

This morning -on "BBC1 Radio"- also spoke the Secretary of Transport Chris Grayling who stressed that "the United Kingdom will have to learn very quickly from what happened, and we have to prepare all the airports to face a similar situation". Moreover, during his speech he also ruled out that it was "a terrorist action, rather it was a kind of disruptive activity never seen before".

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