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Gatwick Airport: still search for identify drone operators

The two arrested on Saturday were released with apologies

The police last Saturday arrested two people accused of be drone operators who forced to close the London-Gatwick airport for almost 48 hours last week, but yesterday the British police released them because was not proof against the couple. A release with an apology that has thrown into embarrassment the security forces, intelligence and Her Majesty government accused of not being able to find the culprits that caused huge inconvenience for about 140,000 passengers, which -among others- will not receive any compensation for their flights cancelled or operated with heavy delays.

A total flop in the investigation that is added to that of the management of the "crisis" when the police forces -but also the Army- have failed to find a quick solution that would allow to resume normal flight operations, raising some doubts as well about transport safety in the UK because if the drones were used for terrorist purposes the budget would have been totally different.

The management of Gatwick airport has offered £ 50,000 to those who will cooperate with the police to detect and stop drone operators, which remain mysterious and the "environmentalist" track seems to have cooled down since no claims have arrived.

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